Comparison between 3V and 4V domes with costing

  • Posted on: 23 December 2014
  • By: ashok

I have created a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to compare the cost and effectiveness of 3V dome design versus 4V optimised dome design. Both variations of 3v domes, 3/8th and 5/8th, are covered.

The unoptimized 4V domes have a strut count of six. The optimized version has a strut count of five only. The optimization is based on the geodesic icasohedron and is called L3 in its nomenclature.

The calculations are based on an angle iron that weighs one kilo per running foot and costs ₹40 per running foot. The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet can recalculate itself for an angle iron with a different cost and / or weight.

You can download the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet here.